Milan / Florence / Rome

21 February 2019


Back in October of 2018, I was able to travel to Italy on credit cards points! 2 Delta Round Trip Tickets to Milan for 68,112 Chase Ultimate Rewards points (34,056 per person)

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I recommend using Chase points for travel! Yes, you could redeem them for cash (50,000 = $500) BUT they’re worth SO much more when redeemed for travel. Further explained below

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1. Chase Ink Business Preferred is one of the best offers out right now!

80,000 points with $5,000 spend.

  • I met the $5000 spending requirement by using Venmo. There’s a 3% fee on Venmo for using a credit card ($150) but in the end received the 80,000 bonus and 5,150 points from $5000 in total Venmo transactions. Total of 85,150 points that cost $150 in fees and $95 for the annual fee on the card. This definitely isn’t the most efficient way, but I was in a rush for points as I wanted to go to Italy the next month.

  • Yes, it’s a business credit card and a business can be anything from selling things eBay, Facebook Marketplace etc! You can find more information on business credit cards here!

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2. Chase Sapphire Reserve was one of my favorite cards!

50,000 points with $4,000 spend.

  • I personally met this spend by opening 1 PNC checking account (funding the PNC account with $2,000 from the credit card) and two BMO Harris Checking accounts. More info on funding bank accounts with credit cards.

  • Unfortunately BMO no longer allows credit card funding, so I recommend opening a Wells Fargo Account for $500 in credit card funding! And don’t forget the $400 Wells Fargo Checking Bank Bonus And First Home Bank that allows $1,500 in credit card funding as a “purchase” then just pay off the card with your deposit! Apply online and not in branch!

  • This card has a $450 annual fee. SO worth it! It comes with $300 in travel credit per year. Personally, I used the $300 travel credit collectively throughout the first year, and the second year I used the $300 in the first month and then CHANGED THE CARD to the Chase Freedom card (which has no annual fee), so the second year $450 annual fee was refunded and I still got the second $300 travel credit for that first month. For a total of $600 travel credit and only paid the first $450 annual fee)

Reasons this card is amazing:

  • Priority Pass access! (Gives you and 2 guests access to airport lounges around the world! Free food and drinks (beer, wine, cocktails) at the airport!

  • Can redeem points through the Chase portal for 1.5x (50,000 points turns into 75,000 points for travel)

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3. There’s also the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Which is 60,000 points and the same spending requirement with a $95/year, you can also change the card to the Freedom after a year to avoid the fee.

  • 1.25x point redemption for travel through the portal

  • None of the benefits mentioned above

Last year, I got both the Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred Cards, but they only allow 1 Sapphire card per person now. So choose the on that best fits you!

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Yes, you could redeem them for cash (50,000 = $500) BUT they’re worth SO much more when redeemed for travel. You can transfer points to airlines / hotels or redeem through the Chase portal.

For my Italy trip, I used the Chase portal to redeem points for 1.5x.

I have also transferred points to Hyatt for an upcoming Cancun trip. (For example: 25,000 Points is 1 night at this all-inclusive resort in Cancun, which runs +$500/ night. So, instead of redeeming 25,000 points for cash ($250) you get over $500 value in travel!